Kodak Printer Customer Service

Kodak is a company which is older than you, me, our parents and probably even their parents. Well, it was found in 1888! So being 128 years old, they’ve obviously picked up one or two things along the way.

kodak printer customer service

One of those things is great consumer service. So if you were digging for ways to contact Kodak printer customer service, you needn’t look any further.

We would walk you through the exact steps of contacting Kodak customer service, but before that let’s address some of the most commonly occurring issues with Kodak printers.

  1. Printer Communication Error

It’s one of the most commonly occurring issues with just about any printer. If you’re one of the victims as well, the solution to tackle the problem lies in simply clearing your printer queue.

Just go to your “Devices and Printers” > Right click on your printer > See what’s printing > Cancel all documents.

Done! As soon as the printing queue is clear, the printer would start functioning seamlessly again.

  1. Downloading Drivers for your Printer

Another one of the most common issues with Printers is getting their drivers. So in order to get drivers for your Kodak printer, just head over to this page.

Once you’re there, select your printer model from the list, and set the search criteria to “Downloads and drivers”.

This would display a list of all the available drivers, from which you can choose the one you wish to download and initiate the download.

How to contact Kodak Printer Support?

  • Just head over to their “Contact us” page.
  • Select your device category, “printers” in this case as you’re trying to reach Kodak printer customer service.
  • Click on “Yes” if you’re using a Windows computer at the bottom.
  • Then from the next page, choose the ways to contact them.

Contacting Kodak Printer Customer Service via Chat:

  • Click on the “Live chat” button if you’re willing to contact them via the live-chat option.kodak printer customer service
  • And then fill in the form, describing your name, exact product model, and choose a query type from the drop-down list.kodak printer customer service
  • The live support is available 24/7 on weekdays (Monday- Friday).

Contact Kodak Customer Service via E-mail:

  • The steps are the same as above. You just have to click on “E-mail” option instead of live-chat as in the earlier case.
  • Again fill in the form with all the required details and you’re done! They’ll get back to you within 24 hours.kodak printer customer service
  • Do note that your product serial number is mandatory while contacting them via E-mail.

Contact Kodak Printer Customer Service via Call

Again, fill in the form, and click on “continue”. (You need to click on continue and proceed, it’s not an automated call-back system!)kodak printer customer service

On the next screen, you’ll be provided with the contact number, and a “reference number” as well. You need to provide this reference number while calling them so make sure you don’t close the screen or at least have it saved somewhere.

Final Words:

It’s a cakewalk, to be honest, the whole process of contacting Kodak printer customer service. Do let me know if you’re stuck somewhere or need assistance, we will try out best to help you out.