Canon Printer Customer Support

Canon is without doubt one of the biggest names when it comes to Printers. And they’ve made that name for themselves not just with good products, but with great post-sale service as well.

canon printer customer support

So just in case you were trying to contact Canon printers support, you’ve landed at the right place. That’s what we would be discussing throughout this piece.

Before giving out all the ways you can contact Canon printers support, let’s aim at solving some of the most-common Canon problems, chances are you might not need to waste your time further?

  1. How to find your Serial numbers?

One of the most common and basic question with any printer is the location of the serial number. It’s a string of 4 letters, and 5 numbers, that’s 9 numbers in total.

canon printer customer support

It comes in handy while requesting a replacement, or warranty claim.  The possible locations where it can be found are:-

  • The bottom-left back side of the printer.
  • The bottom-right back side of the printer.
  • Either side of the printer.

It’s generally a white, bar-code labeled sticker which should make it easy for you to identify it.

  1. Canon Printer Drivers

In case you had to re-install your OS or lost your Printer driver disk, you’ll need to download the drivers afresh from the official canon website.

canon printer customer support

Just head over to this URL and enter your model number to initiate the download.


How to Contact Canon Printer Customer Support?

  • In order to contact Canon in non-Asian countries, go to the official Contacts page.
  • Choose E-mail from the top-bar if you wish to contact them via E-mail, or go with the Phone support printer customer support
  • If you wish to ring them a bell, you can do so at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666)
  • If that doesn’t seem to solve your problem, reach them on their direct contact page. Head over to the link, and enter your exact product model, contact type and you’ll be shown the available options to contact them.Canon printer customer support

Most times you’d be shown a contact number, along with an E-mail option. Choose the one most convenient to you.

Canon Printers Customer Support  Self Help

You can also make use of their self-help answers and documentations, by going to this page and selecting your product model.

canon printer customer support

This page lists driver downloads, F.A.Qs,  Product manuals as well as technical details. It’s recommended that you visit this page first before bothering them with a call, their FAQ is pretty rich.

Final Words:-

The best way to reach Canon printer support is calling them on the toll-free numbers. Email is the second alternative, and finally the self-help F.A.Qs and documentation help as well.

Do let me know if this piece helped you contact Canon printer support, also make use of the comment box if you’re familiar with other easier methods to get in touch with them.